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Healthy Water, Healthy People
Rivers, Streams, Ponds, and Lakes Testing Kit

Parameters: Alkalinity, Biochemical Oxygen Demand, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Nitrate, Orthophosphate, pH, Total Phosphate,
Temperature, Total Dissolved Solids, Turbidity

ParameterMethodRangeLowest Detection LimitNumber of Tests
AlkalinityDrop count titration5-100 and 20-400 mg/L5 mg/L100
Biochemical Oxygen DemandDrop count titration-0.2-4 and 1-20 mg/L -0.2 mg/L100
ConductivityHach Micro Probe 0 – 1990 uS10 uS *
Dissolved OxygenDrop count titration-0.2-4 and 1-20 mg/L-0.2 mg/L100
NitrateColor disc0-1 & 0-10 mg/L
@ nitrate nitrogen
0 mg/L100
OrthophosphateColor disc0-1 mg/L0 mg/L50
pHPocket Pal0 – 14 units0 units *
Total PhosphateColor disc0-50 mg/L0 mg/L50
TemperatureThermometer-10 to 110C-10 C *
Total Dissolved SolidsConductivity Conversion 0 – 1990 uS10 uS *
TurbidityTurbidity Tube0 – 60 cm60 cm *
* Unlimited Number of Tests