As a result of this Healthy Water, Healthy People workshop, I learned how to “really” teach water monitoring, how to reach upper level students, to increase my comfort level with conducting field monitoring, how to clarify confusing water quality topics (pH) for students in a fun way, and more.
Teacher, Indiana

I have just finished reading the Healthy Water, Healthy People manuals and I am extremely pleased with the final product. The activities are well developed and appropriate for teaching the HWHP curriculum. I am especially pleased with the test manual. I sat down to glance through it and ended up reading the whole book, cover to cover. I really like the introductions to each of the tests and the background information supplied. It is clear, in-depth and written in an easy to understand manner. I think this will be particularly helpful to the teacher who has a limited scientific background and little knowledge of the water quality parameters required to do water research with his/her students.

I am really pleased to have had the opportunity to be involved with HWHP as a field tester and look forward to expanding my involvement. I was informed last week that I would be the staff person involved with HWHP at the 2003 Pennsylvania’s Governor’s Institute. Again, thank you for this outstanding educational tool.
Teacher and Planning Committee Member: Governor’s Institute for Environment and Ecology, Pennsylvania

The Healthy Water, Healthy People Water Quality Educators Guide is the most innovative guide I have come across in twenty years at DNR! A group of teachers at a workshop I hosted loved it as well!
Natural Resources Agency Educator, Ohio

96% of participants in Healthy Water, Healthy People training workshops plan to incorporate the HWHP materials into their teachings!
Results of pre/post Healthy Water, Healthy People workshop evaluations

Our workshop went great. We had 27 teachers who really enjoyed the HWHP book. One commented it was so much better for High Schoolers. We did have some elementary teachers so I adapted some of the lessons for them. They really thought they were good too.
Natural Resources Agency Educator, Ohio

I am inspired to start a water monitoring group!
Teacher, Maryland

I learned that it is possible to teach a high school audience and teach them how to monitor and collect data.
Natural Resource Agency Educator, Maine

I learned how to integrate water quality into chemistry curriculum.
High School Chemistry Teacher, Maine

I will approach “water quality” education with new tools, new ideas, and new enthusiasm!
Natural Resources Educator, Vermont

I like the in depth data use/mapping scientific evidence and the connection of science and education.
Teacher, Maine

As a result of the Healthy Water, Healthy People workshop, I learned how to better prepare groups of all ages for monitoring activities before we hit the stream.
Teacher, Minnesota

As a result of the Healthy Water, Healthy People workshop, I learned not to be afraid of scientific measurement activities made me have a greater comfort level.
Teacher, Maryland

I love this program, the ideas behind it, the reason why, would love to help with more new programs!
Teacher Trainer, Indiana

The most valuable thing I learned was about the new HWHP testing kits, and that RiverWatch participants love these materials as much as I do!
Teacher and Volunteer Water Monitor, Indiana

I can do water chemistry and I now have great materials to do classroom activities to help those who can’t do field investigations.
Teacher, Pennsylvania

I learned new ways to teach water quality concepts, scientific method, and data collection, I also learned new water quality sampling techniques
Teacher, Indiana

As a result of the Healthy Water, Healthy People workshop, I learned how to view the big picture of monitoring and to be sensitive to quality assurance processes, and especially how to present watershed concepts to children.
Natural Resources Agency Educator, Vermont

The Healthy Water, Healthy People materials contain the best explanation of pH that I have ever heard. It is such a difficult concept. I love the idea of sharing ion changes! Nice!!
Chemistry Teacher, Vermont

A note to say THANKS for the new Healthy Water, Healthy People Manual–we are SO excited it’s finally here!! I have to admit, after we attended the workshop in Baton Rouge, we came back all excited and our boss let us order new classroom HWHP/HACH kits to use with our Professional Development and add to our bid list for our teachers to order as well because we were planning to implement so much of what we had learned. I can happily report that all 3 of our completed projects had new components that we adapted from our HWHP experience with more implemented for the final two still to come. Plus, we have enriched existing workshops and other professional development opportunities with the strategies learned as well and always give the credit to you guys. So, I not only need to thank you for the manual, but for the wonderful learning experiences we engaged in through the training session. You’ve already impacted almost 100 more teachers through our work thus far and I assure you that it will only continue. Best wishes to you and your staff and keep up the great work!!
University Teacher Education Specialist, Louisiana

I learned that I can incorporate a lot of what I know in simplified relevant ways within water quality studies.
University Education Specialist, Louisiana

I now have ways to show that doing my water monitoring can be meaningful and even fun.
Teacher, Louisiana


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