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PASCO is pleased to work with Project WET to offer probeware kits for the Healthy Water, Healthy People curriculum. Each kit provides PASCO’s advanced probeware technology to support real-time date collection and monitoring in the field. With PASCO’s Xplorer Datalogger, students can collect and view water quality measurements instantly, plus store data for later use. Additional reporting and analysis capabilities can be conducted when students return to the classroom and upload data to computers.

Value Kit – PS-2643
Includes the Xplorer Datalogger, DataStudio Lite software, and PASPORT Water Quality Sensor to provide quick and accurate results for temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, and conductivity with one simple-to-use probe.
Price: $499.00
Entry Kit – PS-2693
Includes Xplorer Datalogger, PASPORT Temperature Sensor, PASPORT pH Sensor, and DataStudio Lite software.
Price: $299.00
Intermediate Kit – PS-2694
Includes everything in the Entry Kit plus a PASPORT Turbidity Sensor and PASPORT Conductivity Sensor.
Price: $515.00
Standard Kit – PS-2695
Also includes a PASPORT Dissolved Oxygen Sensor and PASPORT Flow Rate/Temperature Sensor.
Price: $859.00

To order Healthy Water, Healthy People Probeware Kits visit: or call PASCO/800.772.8700

Probeware Kit Tech Support Center:

Click on the links below to view step by step instructions to use the Healthy Water, Healthy People/PASCO water quality probes.

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