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PROJECT WET (Water Education for Teachers)

The Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide

Curriculum and Activity Guide A collection of more than ninety broad-based water resource activities is available to classroom teachers, resource managers, park rangers, museum educators and others who attend training workshops provided by Project WET coordinators. This Guide covers seven major topic areas: 1) Water has unique physical and chemical characteristics. 2) Water is essential for all life to exist. 3) Water connects all Earth systems. 4) Water is a natural resource. 5) Water resources are managed. 6) Water resources exist within social and economic settings. 7) Water resources exist within historical and cultural contexts. The Guide is only available through training workshops provided by state Project WET Coordinators. For more information, contact the national headquarters at 406-994-5392 or by email:

Water Conservation

Conserve Water

Conserve Water
Educator’s Guide

Developed for middle and high school educators, this module provides background material, case studies, and activities on the topic of water conservation. Case studies are based on water conservation scenarios ranging from a rancher in west Texas to an ice cream factory in Massachusetts, and from water’s role on the space shuttle to the survival of a sailor adrift the Atlantic. These real-life examples encourage students to use decision-making skills to work through issues related to water use and conservation. Illustrations, photographs, charts, and a selection of activities complement the case studies.

Water Management

Watershed Management Educators Guide

(Available Soon!) This Guide will be for educators and resource manager’s use in teaching about important watershed management topics (i.e., basic water concepts; hydrology; water users; issues identification, analysis, and discussion; management options and strategies; and planning). Each topic will be addressed in specific activities. These activities will include background information, creative teaching methods, and ideas for use with students in grades six through twelve.

KIDS – Kids in Discovery Series

Activity Booklets

The Water Story

The Water Story

Published in cooperation with Wild Outdoor World (W.O.W), Philips Petroleum Company, National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD), National Wetlands Conservation Alliance and Project WET, this 16-page activity booklet is designed for upper elementary and middle school aged students. In telling the story of water, this resource provides young readers with a variety of creative, hands-on activities, projects, games, a poster and valuable information about water. This publication was honored for Distinguished Achievement in Educational Publishing, EdPress Award Winner.

Celebrate Wetlands!

Celebrate Wetlands!

Published in cooperation with Wild Outdoor World (W.O.W.), this 16-page full-color activity booklet is for upper elementary and middle school aged students. Through hands-on investigations, games, intriguing articles, a poster, and other activities, readers learn about the types and functions of wetlands; the plants, animals, soil, and water found in wetlands; and about the language and culture of the people who inhabited these special places.

Conserve Water

Conserve Water

This colorful 16-page activity booklet designed for upper elementary and middle school aged students was published in cooperation with the Wild Outdoor World (W.O.W.), Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation. Through engaging graphics and text, students are challenged to participate in investigations such as assembling a sun powered still or experimenting with catchment. Activities invite students to “soak up” intriguing water facts; play a board game to learn how water moves through their homes and how they can conserve it; conduct a simple home water audit; and discover how a person’s latitude can affect their attitude about water conservation. Conserve Water won the Distinguished Achievement in Educational Publishing award from the Association of Educational Publishers.

Fish & Fishing

Fish & Fishing

Produced through a partnership with the Wild Outdoor World (W.O.W.), and in conjunction with U.S. Department of Commerce, NOAA- National Marine Fisheries Service, Office of Habitat Conservation; Nebraska Game and Parks Commission; Arizona Game and Fish Department; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; and the Future Fisherman Foundation, Youth Education Office of American Sportfishing Association. This full-color, 16-page activity booklet is intended for upper elementary and middle school aged students. Included in the booklet is the story of fish and fishing through hands-on activities such as “Something Fishy,” “Fishing for Facts,” and “No Bones About It”; and stories such as “Fish Stories,” “Hook, Line and Sinker,” “Count the Ways,” and “Fine Kettle of Fish.”

Explore Oceans

Explore Oceans

Together with Wild Outdoor World (W.O.W.), and the National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA), the Watercourse has published this 16-page, full-color activity booklet for upper elementary and middle school aged students. This booklet contains hands-on activities such as “Where in the Universe?”, “The Ocean Market,” and “The Weather Maker, the Big Picture.” A board game entitled “Coastal Connection,” demonstrates how water travels in a watershed and how it is affected by all water users. Explore Oceans won the Distinguished Achievement in Educational Publishing Award, from the Association of Educational Publishers.

Discover Ground Water and Springs

Published in cooperation with the Perrier Group of America, this 16-page, full-color activity booklet helps readers explore and discover information about ground water and springs. Students identify underground rock formations in “Get the Ground Water Picture”; learn how water suppliers locate, retrieve and deliver water to communities; locate underground water by playing Ground Water-Gotcha, learn about the importance of springs to past and present cultures; and cook up a ground water confection.

Big Rivers

This 16-page booklet for students in grades 4-6 is published in conjunction with Wild Outdoor World (W.O.W) magazine and the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation. Students explore big rivers and their watersheds in North America, meet famous river explorers, calculate a river’s rate of flow, discover how the river environment is unique, investigate the many ways that rivers are important, and recognize the role of water managers in this fun, hands-on activity booklet. Fully illustrated pages contain directions for making a model of a watershed and a simple paddleboat.

Native Waters Along the Missouri

The Native Waters student activity booklet, geared toward upper elementary Native and Nonnative American students, explores the Missouri River from Native American perspectives. Produced in partnership with The Watercourse, the Bureau of Reclamation, the Environmental Protection Agency, and American Indian Science and Engineering Society students at Montana State University, this 16-page full-color booklet gives students the opportunity to become familiar with tribal beliefs and concerns about water. As a conversation between grandfather and grandson unfolds, students learn a creation story and learn the names of native tribes. Through lessons that include making licorice tea, and creating drawings of beaded water symbols, students become familiar with historical and modern water use on reservation lands, and learn what they can do to help conserve water.


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