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The Children’s Fishing Series, Bass

This is a story and activity book for elementary children, their families, and teachers that provide accurate and up-to-date information on bass and highlights the family bonds that develop through fishing. Through the story, “Granddaddy Bass,” hands-on activities, fishing tips and equipment, readers learn the natural history of the species and related topics such as watersheds, water quantity and quality, habitat protection and restoration.


The Rainstick, A Fable

Produced with Falcon Press Publishing Co., The Rainstick, A Fable is drawn from the riddles, myths, and traditions of West African people as well as from descriptions of tropical rainforests by early adventurers and present-day scientists. The book contains a fable about a young boy’s journey from the savanna to the rain forest to solve the riddle. “A slender staff touches earth at the same time.” Factual information about this early sound instrument is included, as well as easy-to-follow directions to build a rainstick.

Spring Waters “Gathering Places”

Sponsored by Perrier Group of America, this beautifully illustrated book is designed for children ages 8-12, their parents, teachers, and librarians. Throughout time springs have been places of ecological, social, and cultural importance. Many Native Americans revered the life-giving waters, communities grew up around them and adopted their names, and people of diverse cultures have visited them for health and healing. Gathering Places tells the story and science of springs through original vignettes, myths, legends and interactive games and activities.

Discover the Colorado

(Available Soon!) The Colorado is one of the great rivers of North America. This 16-page, full color activity student booklet, developed in cooperation with the Lower Colorado Region of the Bureau of Reclamation, will explore the Colorado River from its headwaters high in the Rocky Mountains to its confluence in the Gulf of California. The booklet will include information and hands-on activities on the Colorado River and its vast drainage basin; hydrology; history and culture; water users; ecological communities; and priority management topics and issues.

Exploring the Waters of Our National Parks:

Everglades, and Educator’s Guide

Developed by The Watercourse with The National Park Foundation and the Interpretive Staff of Everglades National Park, the fun and informative activities in this guide offer ways for educators and 4th through 6th grade students to learn more about the role of water in one of the largest wetland ecosystems in the world. Participants may journey through the hydrologic cycle, create and alligator hole in their classroom, or design a newly authorized Wetlands National Park and explore the concept of the “national park idea.”

The Liquid Treasure Water History Trunk: Learning From the Past

This 64-page booklet contains stories, activities, and information for procuring artifacts needed to assemble a water history trunk. Other less expensive and time-consuming options are suggested for developing a water environmental history program, such as creating a water history scrapbook or building a water history home.

Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Planning Kit

(Available Soon!) Be prepared to commemorate the bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition with The Watercourse’s user-friendly Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Planning Kit. It describes all of the best primary resources available to educators and community event planners and includes the teaching materials you need to get started. The Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Planning Kit will contain:
  • Discover a Watershed: The Columbia Reference and Activity Guide for Educators
  • Discover a Watershed: The Missouri Reference and Activity Guide for Educators
  • Discover a Watershed Columbia Student Activity Booklet
  • The Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Resource Guide
  • The Lewis and Clark Student Activity Booklet
  • Video Clips
  • Teaching materials


Water Celebration! A Handbook

Water Celebration! A Handbook

A water celebration is a one-to-three day event to entertain and educate a community, a school, or a single class about the importance of water. This 32-page booklet provides schedules, funding suggestions, sample letters, flyers, press releases, and ideas for games, exhibits, and presentations.

Water A Gift of Nature

Become familiar with the many faces of water: clouds, rain, hail, snow, icebergs, geysers, rainbows, and waterfalls. See the animals and plants that depend on water: from wetland beavers to the desert chuckwalla, from a coral reef to a saguaro cactus. Co-published with K.C. Publications, Inc., Water A Gift of Nature is grounded in the social and natural sciences. It provides interpretive text and full-color photographs.

A Landowner’s Guide to Western Water Rights

Produced with Roberts Reinhart Publishers, this guide provides the layperson with a user-friendly introduction to western water right systems. It includes a reference section on western water rights, commonly asked questions (and answers) about water rights with cautions for prospective landowners, information on federal and tribal reserved rights, and profiles of western states’ water right systems. The publication was a 1997 EdPress Gold Award Winner.


WOW!: The Wonders Of Wetlands

This module, co-developed by The Watercourse and Environmental Concern Inc., is based on the highly successful WOW!: The Wonders Of Wetlands activity guide for K-12 educators originally created by EC. The new WOW! Guide includes a reference section, new activities (in addition to the originals), a new format, and correlation of WOW! activities with National Science Education standards for grades K-12.


Discover a Watershed: The Everglades

Developed for formal and nonformal educators of middle and high school students, this comprehensive guide is divided into three parts: a reference section that includes that natural and human history of the watershed; contemporary issues and potential solutions; and learning activities. Build a model of the Kissimmee-Okeechobee-Everglades watershed or plot a hurricane and predict if it will make landfalls. Explore a unique endangered watershed where unprecedented solutions are being tested to “find the balance.” Produced through a partnership with the South Florida Water Management District, this resource provides examples of restoration concepts.

Discover a Watershed: The Rio Grande/Rio Bravo

This international effort involved a team of educators and water managers from Mexico and the United States. Published in Spanish and English, Discover a Watershed: The Rio Grande/Rio Bravo Reference and Activity Guide provides a comprehensive and contemporary exploration of the challenges and opportunities of this great international watershed. Topics include: hydrology of the basin; plant and animal communities; history, culture, traditions, and celebrations; comparison of U.S., Mexico, and joint water management systems; priority issues and concerns; basin economy and future scenarios. Appropriate for educators of students in grades six through university levels, this publication includes information, a reference section, and more than 25 activities.

Discover a Watershed: The Columbia

(Available Soon!) Currently under development in cooperation with outstanding educators and resource specialists, this 150-page guide provides background information on the hydrology of the Columbia River Basin, the cultural and natural history, tribal issues, and land uses. It also includes field-tested, ready-to-use teaching activities that invite children and adults to explore water issues, management challenges, and economic considerations in either a classroom of informal setting. Illustrated with high-quality graphics, informative maps and diagrams, the activities introduce learners to the wonder of Columbia’s waters.

Discover a Watershed: The Missouri

(Available Soon!) Currently being produced in cooperation with the Missouri River Roundtable, this 150-page guide features contemporary, unbiased, scientifically accurate, and educationally sound teaching activities along with pertinent background information. Topics covered in the reference section and activities include: natural and cultural history of the Missouri River Basin and modern water uses, issues and concerns. Illustrated with high-quality graphics, informative maps and diagrams, the activities introduce learners to the problems and prospects facing the “Big Muddy.”

Ground Water

Ground Water Flow Model Package

The Ground Water Flow Model is a popular and easy-to-use teaching tool for both young people and adult educators. The model is constructed with a clear plexiglass front, allowing observers to watch water and contaminants introduced into the system move through underground rock formations. The model can also be adapted to demonstrate how surface sources like rivers or wetlands can be connected to ground water. The model enables students to learn about porosity, permeability, water tables, confined aquifers, contamination, and other important ground water concepts. This package includes a model, users guide and video, and everything needed to conduct a ground water education class of workshop.


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