Healthy Water Quiz
1. Clear water is clean water.

2. What is the major cause of surface water contamination in the U.S.?

3. How do we know if there are contaminants in the water?

4.Name a waterborne pathogen that may cause health problems.

5.When water treatment plant managers plan to deliver water to their customers, what hour of the day do they plan for peak water use?

6.What is the term for inorganic compounds that can enter water supplies from fertilizer runoff and sanitary wastewater discharges, and can lead to Blue Baby Syndrome?

7.How many contaminants must U.S. community water systems currently test for?

8.Approximately how long can a person survive without water?

9.About how much water should a person consume in a day to remain healthy?

10.Name a possible source of water pollution.

11.What were the first water pipes in the U.S. made from?

12.Compared to 2,000 years ago, do we have approximately more, less, or the same amount of water on earth today?

13.What is the primary cause of coastal pollution in the world?

14.Who is responsible for water quality?
We all share in the responsibility. Making responsible decisions for using and managing water quality are critical to maintaining healthy water into the future.

15.Where can you get more information about water quality and health?
Information on water quality and health can be obtained from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, your state department of environmental quality or health, or from your local drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities.

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