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Additional resources, activity materials, and internet links are available below. Simply click on the name of the chosen activity from the Healthy Water, Healthy People Water Quality Educators Guide, and a list of resources and links will appear. If you have a link or helpful resource that you would like to add to this list, please contact the Healthy Water, Healthy People Director.

Using the Healthy Water, Healthy People Water Quality Educators Guide
A Tangled Web; Conducting Internet Research
Mapping It Out, Water Quality Concept Mapping

What is Water Quality
It’s Clear to Me!
From H to OH!
Pollution – Take It or Leave It!
Grab a Gram
Stone Soup

Principles of Water Quality Illustrate the Concept of Good Science
Carts and Horses
Hitting the Mark
Multiple Perspectives

Water Quality Must Be Monitored and Interpreted
A Snapshot in Time
Water Quality Monitoring; From Design to Data
Turbidity or Not Turbidity; That is the Question!
Footprints on the Sand

Water Quality is a Vital Component of Healthy Communities and Individuals
Looks Aren’t Everything
Setting the Standards
Wash it Away
Life and Death Situation

Water Resources Are Managed to Promote Water Quality and Prevent Degradation
There is No Point to This Pollution!
Washing Water

Plants and Animals Are Affected by Changes in Water Quality
Benthic Bugs and Bioassessment
Water Quality Windows
Invertebrates as Indicators

New Management Strategies and Technologies Offer Hope For the Future
Picking up the Pieces
Going Underground


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