The Hach Scientific Foundation and Project WET (Water Education for Teachers), drawing on over fifty years of success in water quality test kit manufacturing and water education, have partnered to create Healthy Water, Healthy People – a new and innovative water quality education program. Healthy Water, Healthy People is associated with Project WET, and originated to meet the growing demand for information and education on water quality in the United States and around the world. The Healthy Water, Healthy People program encourages deep investigation of water quality topics and issues through development of user-friendly materials that are appropriate for all levels of users – from beginner to advanced.

Hach Scientific Foundation Healthy Water, Healthy People is proudly sponsored by The Hach Scientific Foundation. The mission of the Hach Scientific foundation is to foster and support science and science education, and to make evident the interdependence between science education and the public. The foundation believes strongly in the sciences and intends to support appropriate endeavors that encourage the youth of America to pursue a positive exploration of the sciences.

The Hach Scientific Foundation entertains requests for proposals on an invitation only basis.

Project WET

Project WET
(Water Education for Teachers) is an international, interdisciplinary, water science and education program for formal and non-formal educators of K-12 students.

Project WET is grounded in the following beliefs:
  • Water is important for all water users (e.g. energy producers, farmers and ranchers, fish and wildlife, manufacturers, recreationists, rural and urban dwellers).
  • Wise water management is crucial for providing tomorrow’s children social and economic stability in a healthy environment.
  • Awareness of, and respect for water resources, can encourage a personal, lifelong commitment of responsibility and positive community participation.


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