Tip of the Month

Are you testing for bacteria from the Healthy Water, Healthy People Classroom Water Quality Testing Kit using the Hach Paddle Testers™, but don’t have an incubator?

It is critical that you maintain a constant temperature to encourage bacterial growth while keeping non-target bacteria from growing (not warm enough) or killing all bacteria (too warm). If you do not have an incubator, try placing the paddle tester in a warm place such as on a hot water heater. Ideally, a constant temperature of 95-99 degrees Fahrenheit is best for incubation.

Are you looking for an innovative way to teach about nonpoint source pollution and the cumulative impacts of runoff?

Check out the activity “There Is No Point to this Pollution!” on page 136 in the Healthy Water, Healthy People Water Quality Educators Guide. The Water Quality Graphs Student Copy Page is available under Resources on this website. Simply click on the Educators Guide and then the activity title, and a list of resources for this activity will appear, including the water quality graphs copy page.


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