WE CARE!™ Campaign

The WE CARE!™ Campaign is for you if you care about healthy water and healthy people and want to demonstrate this commitment while contributing to the public’s understanding of this critically important topic. The WE CARE!™ Campaign is a national and international water quality awareness initiative designed for public and private organizations and corporations to highlight their efforts to manage, protect, and restore water resources.

There are extraordinary efforts taking place around the world to provide people with clean and abundant water supplies and to sustain natural systems. Healthy Water, Healthy People staff helps organizations highlight these efforts in creative and customized ways. If you care about healthy water for healthy people, contact the Healthy Water, Healthy People staff to explore how you can get involved by calling 1-866-337-5486, or email healthywater@projectwet.org.

Existing partners include the Nestle’ Waters of North America and the Hach Company.


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